About Us

The mission of the Office of Housing and Community Development (OHCD) is to provide opportunities for healthy and affordable housing through production, lead hazard mitigation, and the coordination of the homeless system and implementation of the State’s plan to end homelessness.

OHCD provides financial and operational support for all housing programs administered by the Housing Resources Commission (HRC), including a rental assistance program, which will provide housing to homeless individuals and families by non-profit homeless service providers. OHCD’s Community Development branch administers the federal Community Development Block (CDBG) program, and related programs.

The types of projects supported by OHCD include:

  • Development of affordable housing opportunities, rental and homeownership, throughout Rhode Island;
  • Rehabilitation of homes occupied by low- and moderate- income households, eliminating health and safety code violations;
  • Investment in projects, such as infrastructure improvements, designed to help the State recover from Presidentially-declared disasters, including the floods of 2010 and Hurricane Sandy;
  • Support of job training programs, such as culinary education, to unemployed and underemployed persons;
  • Provision of rental subsidies, to transition persons experiencing the crisis of homelessness to permanent housing;
  • Support of operating expenses and supportive service costs for emergency shelters for the homeless;
  • Revitalization of distressed neighborhoods through concentrated investments in housing, infrastructure and public facilities;
  • Support of lead-based paint hazard reductions in residential structures.