Intensive Housing Stabilization Program (IHSP)

Intensive Housing Stabilization Program Client ResourcesWhat is the Intensive Housing Stabilization Program?

The Intensive Housing Stabilization Program (IHSP) helps individuals and families living on the street, in shelter, or about to enter shelter to stabilize their housing situation and obtain permanent housing. 

The program provides rental assistance and intensive case management to help clients locate and sustain housing outside of shelter. 

Are you Eligible?

Please note that not all persons who apply will be eligible for the program.  All persons who apply will be individually assessed for eligibility and may be denied assistance due to ineligibility or limited funding.  Clients may be put on an agency waitlist until assistance is available. 

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Crisis Type


Are you living in any of following:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Transitional Housing
  • Safe Home/Domestic Violence Shelter
  • In a motel/hotel paid for by a shelter, non-for-profit, or government agency (including schools)
  • On the Streets
  • In a Car
  • Outside/Vacant Building

Shelter Prevention

Are you in any of the following situations

  • On a Shelter Waiting List
  • Doubled Up/Couch-surfing
  • Staying in a Motel/Hotel (with no help from other sources, paying with own means)
  • Fleeing Domestic Violence
  • Leaving a prison/institution and will exit to Shelter
  • Court-ordered eviction or 5-day demand notice for rent are no longer accepted. Client must be in another housing situation listed above.


AND meet the following:

  • Be willing to participate in intensive case management appointments

    (either in home or at the office) and follow program rules/requirements;
  • Have no other resources to transition out of or avoid shelter; and
  • Be able to keep housing once assistance ends.

Services Offered

Then you may be able to receive:

  • Intensive Case Management (Home-based)
  • Budgeting and Financial Counseling
  • Financial Assistance
  • Housing Search and Placement Assistance

How to Apply


If you are living in a shelter/on the street, contact:

Case Manager/Staff at your shelter; or

Outreach Worker (if living on the street or other place not meant for human habitation)

For a list of shelters click here.


Staff Contact: Homelessness