Policy and Planning

This Office provides financial and operational support for all housing programs administered by the Housing Resources Commission.  In addition, this Office works with communities to achieve their affordable housing goals. 

The Office assists Statewide Planning staff in the review of Local Comprehensive Plan Updates for consistency with State Affordable Housing Elements, manages the Expedited Permit process and addresses Intra-Governmental Review issues related to housing.

RI Division of Planning

The Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program prepares and maintains plans for the physical, economic, and social development of the state; encourages their implementation; and coordinates the actions of state, local and federal agencies and private individuals within the framework of the state's development goals and policies. The basic charge is established by Sections 42-11-10 and 12 of the General Laws. The Statewide Planning Program consists of the State Planning Council and staff who specialize in land usecomprehensive planningtransportation and other related topics.

RI Housing

Rhode Island Housing provides housing assistance to eligible individuals and investors to ensure all people who live or work in Rhode Island have access to safe and affordable housing. In addition to housing finance, RI Housing produces data, research and reports on housing including the monitoring and annual update of the Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Act.